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Dipstick Studio’s portfolio consists of three main sections: ideation, video, and graphic recording.

Our ideation section showcases a few samples images of work we’ve done either on the spot during small group brainstorming sessions, or graphics used in printed or digital presentations. While our work shown here is generally hand drawn, we also do digital illustration and 3D rendering which we’d be happy to show upon request.

Our video work consists of whiteboard or digital animation or a combination thereof. All of our work is custom drawn from storyboards that we create. We can even help with script writing. Once the graphic elements are created, we can produce the finished product ourselves or, if you already have someone for production, we’d be happy work with them too.

Our graphic recording (also known as scribing) work consists of larger scale drawings done live to record a group discussion or to help communicate a speaker’s main points in a fun and memorable way. Give us a room and a flat surface, and we’ll supply the paper and drawing materials. Once the meeting is complete, you’ll can keep the finished drawing. We can also provide a digital photo of the finished product as well.

Give us a call for a free quote on your next job or if you have any questions regarding any of our services. And thanks for checking us out!