Dipstick Studio may be a funny name and while we DO enjoy our work, we take our client relationships very seriously. It’s our ultimate goal to make meetings more productive and communicate ideas in the clearest way possible, and please our customers in the process.
Here is a sampling of some of the feedback we’ve received from our clients:

With their work we were able to remember everything that went on in the meeting weeks later!

Kurt Riesenberg, Abbvie Pharmaceuticals

Great Job, Would love to work with them again!

Peter Zapf, Fog Pilot

Most entertaining workshop meeting that I've ever been in!

Steven C. Shapiro, MD

Jim and Dave are constant professionals and bring everything they have to a ideation session!

Bryan Urbick, CEO & President, Consumer Knowledge Assoc., Ltd.

The best visualators I've seen in my many years of facilitating!

Gerald ``Solutionman`` Haman